How does the process work?

In addition to the gowns featured on our social pages and website, Saarahjasmin Couture specializes in creating stunning, one of kind, custom dresses for our beautiful brides. At SJ couture you are always in charge of the final look and cost of your gown, based on the individual design elements that you choose and desire. Our custom dresses typically start at R13 500. 

If in other cases you cannot attend a consultation we will send you a measurement sheet to produce your gown, so please be as accurate as possible. Please note this option is only available to customers outside Cape Town (we suggest visiting a local tailor or seamstress to have this done, to ensure that you are measured correctly)

This is a short guide on how the process works especially if you are not based in Cape Town.  Please see our step-by-step process below!


  1. Design Consultation: Have Saarahjasmin as your counselor to choose the best wedding dress design. The design consultation is free of charge without any commitment.(This does not apply to instore consultations)
  2. This is where the design stage of your dress truly begins! During this stage, you’ll consult with Saarahjasmin and discuss every detail to make sure we understand exactly how you want your dress to look on your wedding day. It’s very important for you to upload any reference photos/drawings that show your inspiration for the dress you have in mind. The more information and inspiration you provide, the more accurate it will be in bringing your ideas and visions to the dress. Our team will work with you to establish the details of your wedding dress, through the steps of choosing fabric, lace, ornaments, etc…
  3. Price Quote & Payment: Following the consultation, we’ll provide a quote on the pricing. Payments are accepted through EFT or DIRECT BANK DEPOSITS. To confirm your order, you can submit the full payment or a deposit of 75% of the total amount, including a shipping fee. Once your payment is processed and all the details of the design are confirmed, the production phase begins.


  1. During the creation process of your wedding dress, we will keep you updated on how the dress will look and when you should receive it.
  2. Measurements: We will upload a detailed measurement form with instructions on how to take the measurements specific to your dress design. You can also follow our sizing guide to collect your individual measurements.
  3. Vision Board: Saarahjasmin will create a vision board that summarizes all the design elements discussed to make sure the dress meets your vision.
  4. Production: We will send the final design to production at our studio. Please note, once the vision board has been confirmed and sent into production, no changes can be made to your dress. Our stylist will keep you updated during the process. When the dress is completed, Saarahjasmin will send you photos to review before we ship.


Your design is finally finished. To receive your dress, you need to complete the remaining payment if you started the process with a partial deposit. Because you are not based in Cape Town we will ship out your custom wedding gown, and you will be ready to look your best for the most special day in your life.

Information about the receiver that we need: 
* full name
* address
* phone number 

Domestic shipping takes an average of:
3-5 business working days ( Due to covid it takes much longer. Expect your gown within 7-14days)

International shipping takes anywhere from:
8-10 business working days. ( Due to covid it takes much longer. Expect your gown within 15-30 days)

After the dress is shipped, we will provide a tracking number. When you try the dress on, immediately get back to us with feedback on the details. Saarahjasmin will still assist you in case the dress needs some minor alterations by a local seamstress. We will guide you on how to get the perfect fit.

Please be sure to include:

  • A description of your wedding dress concept
  • Links to your wedding dress Pinterest board
  • Links or access to any dress images you like
  • Your full contact information
  • Your exact wedding date
  • Your Budget
  • Any other information that you think would help us to design your dream gown.

Yes, it really is that easy! Just fill out the contact form below to book a consultation and we will contact you right away to get started.