What should I expect to spend at Saarahjasmin Couture?

Our gowns typically start at R13 500 and go up to R45 000. The majority of our dresses fall in the R15 000 to R30 000 range. We require a 75% down payment at the time of your order, and the remainder is due before final fitting /collection. We do however have payment plans available!

All of Saarahjasmin’s gowns (and accessories!) are crafted by our dedicated designers, and most often incorporate hand-sewn beading and details. We take great pride in our designers’ work and are confident that you’ll see the difference in quality as soon as you try on your first dress or our stunning range of accessories!

Please take a look at some of the samples below and get an estimate on what those type of dresses cost! Don’t be afraid to discuss your budget with us. We are very good at designing beautiful gowns tailored to our clients pockets and individual needs.

Why do wedding dresses cost so much?


  •  Fabric is very expensive, and this is mainly because of all the shipping fees, tax,  import duties and other fees that’s got to do with getting decent fabric.
  • Trendy and quality lace costs anywhere between R1200.00 – R3500 per meter and dresses usually take between two and twelve meters of lace and other fabrics.


  • A wedding dress takes on average between 120 and 200 hours of labour.
  • The process of this isn’t as simple as most people think. After sourcing lace which can take anywhere from a few days to weeks , there is the very important task of  pattern making. Each dress requires an individual pattern. This ensures the dress has a perfect fit and looks as it is supposed to.
  • The other very important tasks that consists of making a dress is cutting,  sewing, pinning applique to finishing hand sewn bead work. Our lovely team of skilled women work for weeks on each gown to make your dream dress a reality.

Why should I invest in a professionally  designed wedding dress?

  • Our clients often ask to have a specific design made for them, but after fitting on some samples and trying on something similar to what they asked for they quickly learn that it doesn’t suit them at all! So imagine having to wear something that doesn’t suit you , doesn’t compliment you and doesn’t fit as it should that would be a complete disaster.
  • Designers will make suggestions of styles that will enhance your best features and ultimately make you look FAB! With a seamstress, you’re likely to only discover this when you have finished and realize that you this is not what you envisioned for your special day.

Know your budget 

Be realistic about your budget. Research what bridal gowns sell for and see where you fit in and stick to what works for your pocket. Unfortunately, in most of the cases the clients I’ve dealt with , tend to have haute couture gowns in mind  worth (R25 000 – R35 000+) , but realistically could never afford that !

Designer wedding dress – Generally cost much more than  store bought dresses. They are bespoke, custom made one-offs that are made specifically for you ,  so expect to spend anything from R15 000 to R30 000 for a designer dress from Saarahjasmin Couture.

Collection wedding dress – These dresses usually are made within a certain price bracket. This is a more affordable option for brides still wanting that designer look without having something especially made for their day. This is the ‘say yes to the dress’ experience, convenient yet beautiful without breaking the bank. These gowns  go anything from R13500 – R18 000+ . We might even  have some on sale for less!

Buy a dress for less – Many stores and designers have sample sales once or twice a year to clear stock of those gently worn or discontinued styles. You could find your dream dress on one of these rails and still look like the magical queen you are! You could get a sample gown for anything from R7500 – R15 000

Just keep an open mind – you may just get something better than what you had imagined.

What type of dress  can I expect to custom make for R15 000.00 – R26 000.00 + ? ( Please note: These designs are for reference purposes only. Prices vary according to design , labour and fabric availability)

What type of dress  can I expect to custom make for R26 000.00 + to R36 000.00 + ? ( Please note: These designs are for reference purposes only. Prices vary according to design , labour and fabric availability)